"What captures one's attention quickly is how the swampy guitar & melodies at the onset creep along distinctly like the best of The Blasters, Del-Lords, Los Lobos & that band that played in "From Dusk till Dawn" Tito & Tarantula." John Apice, Americana Highways

"Steve Welner's voice sounds as vulnerable as the dispossessed characters that populate his narrative songs. reinforcing the emotional pull and purpose of his writing." Andrew Frolish, Americana UK

”Steve Welner has often been praised for his excellent songwriting with his vocals painting incredibly evocative pictures and his lyrics telling the poetic stories, some very, very dark.” Mike Morrison, American Roots, UK

"I like the song, the video and the musical company that you keep" Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root

"It's a fantastic record, as good as anything I've heard this year. When I sat down to think what song I'd put to air first it was just too hard to pick so I figured what the hell it's my show I'll play as many as I like!" Colin Fielding (D.J.), 3INR 96.5 inner fm Austrailia

"Steve Welner's slighty- reedy vocals, similar to Brian Henneman's vocal work with the Bottle Rockets, works well with both the barnstorming electric tracks as well as the more sensitive country songs." Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music

 "The 10 Welner original songs are reminiscent of John Hiatt during his musically fertile period of, "Riding with the King", Bring the Family", "Stolen Moments" and "Perfectly Good Guitar"; the time where John Hiatt got his breakthrough to the general public." Francois, Rootsville SWA

"Welner's chords resonate with warmth and power and recreate a youthful Tom Petty while the band resounds with old time meets Son Volt."  Doc Blues, LIBS


Steve Welner is a New York based singer-songwriter/guitarist steeped in Americana music, and whose writing portrays themes related to the down-trodden, the vanishing landscape, the evils of corporate greed, political corruption, and hypocrisy in general. Close listening reveals the subtle black humor and unexpected plot twists. It is easy to focus on the hooks and riffs, and completely miss the punch lines. He is best known for his work as frontman for the bands, The WellDiggers (2008-present) and Fourteen Feet (1999-2008).

Past reviews have compared his work to that of John Prine,Tom Petty, John Hiatt, Uncle Tupelo, and the Bottle Rockets. His music ranges in format from folk and blues to full throttle rock 'n roll. Like many of his influences, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Woody Guthrie, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and bands such as the Beatles, Little Feat, The Band, and the Grateful Dead, his musical offerings come from a wide Americana palette.

Steve began playing the guitar and writing songs at an early age. He first picked up a guitar when he was about five years old and began writing songs for his first band at the age of twelve. Since 2001, Steve has released 6 albums to date, 4 of which were titled under the band names, The WellDiggers and Fourteen Feet. He has received much praise for his songwriting, and all of the albums were given excellent reviews. The WellDiggers/"Hope and Fear" (2012) was selected as one of the top 10 albums of the year by, American Roots UK's, Mike Morrison and by, Folk 'n Roots 31NR (96.5) DJ, Colin Fielding. Fourteen Feet"Stole Away, the Billy Sessions" (2008), was the number one selling album for 12 weeks on the popular Americana distribution site, Miles of Music, and stayed on their top 10 list for nearly a year. Steve was nominated to the Austin, Texas based Freeform American Roots (FAR) charts as one of the top 5 songwriters of 2008 for the album.

Steve typically performs with his band, The WellDiggers and The WellDiggers "acoustic revue". The band members vary but include, Don Gabis (bass, guitar) Danny Dimaina (guitar), Lanny Sichel (guitar), and Mike Leuci (drums). Other musicians that may sit in with the band include, Bob Stander (guitar), Shawn Murray (drums), Steve Kaplan (bass). Jack Gabis (guitar, banjo), and Paul Errico (keyboards, accordion). Some of the notable musicians and bands that Steve has either shared a stage with and or recorded with include, Pete Seeger, The Blasters, Graham Parker, Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (Steve Earle, Joan Jett, Del Lords), Keith Christopher (Georgia Satellites, Lynyrd Skynyrd), Roomful of Blues, Shawn Murray (Mink Deville), Paul Errico (Steve Forbert), Rob Arthur (Peter Frampton), Marah, and The Silos..