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House Concerts
Steve, and the WellDiggers are available for house concerts. If you are interested in hosting a concert please contact us at,

Sweet Simple Life
Steve's latest album,“Sweet Simple Life” (2017) highlights the roots genres that authentically flow from him; folk, rock, and country blues, all within the framework of imaginative tales and narratives. Here's an excerpt of what Mike Morrison of American Roots UK had to say about the album in his review.
"Sweet Simple Life" is Steve Welners' fifth album, but first issued under his own name. I'm not sure where the boundaries are, assuming they exist between country, alt-country, and country rock but with this tremendous album Steve seems to have built a bridge that links them perfectly, virtually making a short cut between elements as if his style is a unique generic standard. The playing is top notch as is the songwriting and Steve's warm evocative lead vocals. For anyone who loves strong melodies and similarly if you like an album that is edgy and lyric driven you won't find a better album this year. In a nutshell, "Sweet Simple Life" is an album that any lover of roots music with strong country leanings will need in their collection and one that will be pushing towards the upper echelons of my albums of the year in a few months time!

New Album in the works for 2019
Steve is currently recording a new album with guitarist/producer, Eric "Roscoe" Ambel at Cowboy Technical Studios in Brooklyn, NY. They previously worked together on, Stole Away, Gone (2007) and  Eric also played on Steve's last album,"Sweet Simple Life" (2017). Along with Steve and "Roscoe" the album will feature drummer, Shawn Murray and Keith Christopher on bass. Please check back and we'll keep y'all posted...

Upcoming dates...
Sunday, September 8: Big Daddy's 1 Park Lane Massapequa. NY 12:30 pm Acoustic Duo
Thursday, September 26: Big Daddy's 1 Park Lane 6:30 pm
Acoustic Revue (trio)

for more dates and details please check out the,  gigs page...


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